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Related post: Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 22:53:28 EST From: Double A Subject: Raven Hair(15)Disclaimer: After a hiatus of sorts, I am back with another story! Yay! Anyway, due to personal problems, I've been unable/unwilling to write much of anything for a long time. Here is a new story from me to lesbian import model you. For those of you who know my style and enjoy it, you should really like this one. Like I said, though, I haven't written anything for a while, so I may be a bit rusty. For models fashion ltaly nude models those who don't know my style, I tend to use a lot of build-up and "storyline". So, if you came on nude models jpeg to find a story for a quick jack-off, then this probably ain't for you. However, if you want to take the time to read a beautiful tale of young love, then sit back, take a sip from your glass of wine, and enjoy!And remember...Always stand up for what you think is right, don't listen to bullshit, no matter who is saying it, and always young model topsite speak with your fists and swear a lot to be heard!******************Part 15: The climb down seemed very quick to David, but it allowed him time to cool down. petite models pictures He didn't know what he wanted to do, but he blamed all this on Michael. Through David's reasoning, it all seemed really simple. Michael had kissed Aaron, so Aaron, being the nice guy that he was, felt obliged to kiss him back. After all, it's kind of rude to be kissed by someone and then tell them off and Aaron wasn't like that. Then, Aaron probably little girlsmodel video thought that german utility model Michael would never leave him alone, so he sucked him off to maybe get him off his case. That's the same reason Aaron smoked! It was because Michael kept begging him and model novias bugging him to smoke, so Aaron would try it to get Mike away from him and David. That teen model unde was it! model 34ddd Aaron was 14yo model forum doing all this for David, because he knew how uncomfortable David was with Michael's feelings for him. It was kind of like Aaron was taking the bullet for David. And, in David's mind, he actually believed all that, even though the small part of his brain that controlled his common sense was telling him that it was bullshit. "Still," David thought, as he trudged down the last trail of the mountain, before the bottom, "Michael must pay. It's nice of Aaron to try and defend me, but it's time I stood up for myself. But how nn boy modeling best to do it?" David thought about that as he completed his descent of the mountain and sat in the cabin. 12yo models pic Eventually, Aaron and Mike returned to the cabin too, their clothing smelling of cigarettes. Aaron smiled at David in passing and David nodded in understanding. He felt so happy that Aaron was doing this for him. He also had the perfect idea to both show some Aaron how much he cared, and get back at Mike. Once everybody had returned, they all lined up near the front of the complex and received their semi-frozen maple syrup on a stick, and then made their way into the bus. Aaron got on before David did and was waiting with an empty seat beside him. David smiled at Aaron, as he walked right by the seat and sat down near the back of the bus, near Michael. Michael shot David mini teen model a small smile, and asked, submissive bondage models "Aren't you going to sit with Aaron?" David looked at him and replied, "I don't need to sit with littleteenmodels him. I can see ls island models him whenever I want to!" Michael shrugged and, looking at David with teen models lsm a confused look on his face, replied, "Okay...Whatever." They sat in silence as the bus's motor started up, then David turned to Michael and whispered, "I know what you did accent home remodeling to Aaron." He saw a small blush come over Michael's face, then Michael looked away and asked, "What did I do to Aaron?" "At the top of the hill." David replied back, "I saw what you two did!" " did?" Michael stuttered, "Look, Aaron was totally for it. He could have told me off at any time!" "You're just youngest tiny models a dirty, fucking liar, Michael." David replied, calmly, "Aaron didn't want it and you know it. But, if you want, you can have him." "Yes, he d....I mean, I can?" David nodded, "Yeah, but you have to beat me in a fight." "What?" Michael asked, sounding confused. The calmness faded and, looking at Michael furiously, David replied, "I'm challenging you to a fight after school tomorrow, you little fuck! The winner will get Aaron!" Michael laughed, "You actually think you can beat *me*?" Without waiting for an answer, Michael lunged at David and knocked him leggy teen models off the bench. They smallgirls topmodels tumbled to the bus hairy pussies models floor and Michael punched away at David's head, having pinned him in the thin aisle of the teen model top50 bus. The bus swerved to the side of the road, and Michael was dislodged long enough for David to grab him and slam his head barbara wals model into the floor of teen holli model the bus. The teachers from the front of the bus rushed back, as it pulled to a stop, and grabbed both boys. His hand flailing out for a target, David grabbed the collar of Michael's silk, features of models collared shirt. There was a tear from the thin material and Michael's shirt was ripped nearly in half. "You shit!" Michael exclaimed, "You tore my shirt! You owe me eighty bucks!" "Fuck you!" David exclaimed, being dragged to the front of the bus. "I'll see you after school tomorrow at the park up the street from the Venedome metro!" Michael exclaimed, "When I beat your ass, Aaron's going to hot model xxx be mine!" "What?!" Aaron exclaimed from his seat. The following day, the word spread quickly that there was going to be a fight. On a lesser note, word also spread that Mike and David were both gay. Although, in a school like MIND, nude kid models you were stranger if you *weren't* gay. MIND was full of people who, in one pretten nude model way or another, were different, from a ring through their nose, a very strange thing in those days, all the way to "rainbow kids". As a result, it almost nude models winnipeg seemed to make David pretee nude models and Michael fit in more. As David sat in English class that day, John and Trevor tinymodel ginger tried to dissuade him cindy models from going through with it. "Don't be an idiot." John had said, "You're going to beat his ass and then you're going to regret it afterwards. Fights are scheduled...They just happen!" "Fighting over a guy or girl was so Dark Ages, man!" Trevor had exclaimed. But David hadn't listened to either of them. He knew what preetens models nude he needed to do and he was going to do it, whether people liked it or not. It was after school, so the principal and teachers couldn't do anything about it, they didn't even try. Theoretically, they could have called the police, but Saul, one of the math and bailey model petite science teachers, had actually wished David luck. "Beat the crap out of that little twerp!" he had said. Mike had been model masturbating spouting threats all day, hoping to psych out David. It didn't work on David, though, because he was so focussed kids models pedo on beating the kid up, that it wouldn't vlad models sandra have mattered if he would have apologized. It also helped picture models pussy that he was 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than David was. The least vocal of everybody, surprisingly enough, seemed to be Aaron. He'd sat through all the sexy australian models classes with crazy angel models David and Michael and, when the class discussion turned to the fight, he hadn't added anything to the fact that he was the whole reason the fight was taking place. The last class was buzzing with discussion about the lalana sandl models fight, and, Lee, the french teacher, couldn't regain order, so he didn't even try. So, french class became a debate as to who was going to win. David and Michael both presented their arguments, in french of course, and were actually marked on their vocabulary and general conversation skills. Then, everybody had to write a model anita short essay on who they thought was going to win and why. After all the essays were in, Lee turned to Aaron and said, in English, "You didn't hand in an essay, Aaron. I'm not going to have them read aloud, so it's okay if you pick who you think is swedish supermodels going to win." Aaron shrugged and replied, "I don't know who will win." "Well," 12yr model Lee replied, "are you hoping for one over the other?" Aaron bit his lower lip and then nodded, "But I'm not going to say, because that wouldn't be fair." Lee nodded, "Fair enough. Class camilla teen model dismissed." The entire grade top vlad models 9 class filed out of french class and met up with a bunch of students from nude models photes the other two grades, then they all began to make their way out of the school. David watched them go, then saw Mike leave. Michael turned to him, as he grabbed his coat from his locker and headed toward the door, and said, "I'll see you there, asshole. Make sure and bring a really tiny bag to put your dick in, after I cut it off." He raised his shirt a little and showed David a small knife concealed under his belt. David shook his head and headed for his locker. Aaron's locker was right next door to his, and Aaron was putting on his coat as David arrived. "Gonna come watch?" David asked, as he undid the lock and opened his locker. Aaron shrugged, "I guess I have no choice, eh?" David smiled at him and, grabbing nude models girls his coat, said, "I'll see you there, then." and walked down the hallway toward the door. On the way to Vendome metro, David rode in a car with a bunch of students going to the fight. Some were flashing him thumbs-up signs, and other were mouthing, "You're going down!" David found the whole experience really cool, if a bit commercialized now. He almost expected there to be news coverage and a referee or something, when they arrived. When the train pulled to a stop at the metro station, David actually felt really excited. He'd been watching the WWF ever since he monogram models was 3 and now he knew how the wrestlers must have felt, just before they walked down the aisle. David exited it, flanked by several of modeling auditions escorts his supporters. They began the quick ascent out of the station and up the street, to Sherbrooke. David ate a blueberry muffin as he walked, 101 nn models trying to take his mind off the fight. He needed his anger, but he already knew he had won. He may not have had a knife, like Michael, but he was model child pantyhose wearing steel-toed work boots. Each boot must have weighed 8 pounds and were built to best models fucking withstand 500 pound slabs on concrete dropped on them...or something. Other than those, though, David had only his two fists. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Kind of warm, only a thin layer of snow agency models nn on the ground. Perfect day nn model marcia for a fight. As they arrived at the park, it was no question of where little nicky model the fight was going to be held. The whole middle of the park, just outside the playground, was filled with, what must have been, fifty or sixty people. Sure, it wasn't like a 97,000 person audience at a wrestling event, but this was really great for David. Of course, bobbie child model there was no question that a crowd of this size would attract the attention of the stores and restaurants around the park and, eventually, somebody would call the police. David would have to make the fight short. He made his way to the centre and spotted Michael standing in a group of people, who appeared to be giving him advice. Aaron was already there, sitting on the on the pedestal of a statue, a few feet away from the crowd. He smiled at David as David entered the circle. "Hey!" David called over to Mike, as he removed his jacket and tossed it onto the ground, "Are you going to stand over there, atomic model theory jacking off, or are we going to have this fight?" Michael separated from the crowd and took a few steps toward David, holding the knife in his hand. His jacket was being held by a bunch of students behind him. "I'm going to dedicate my first stab to my love, Aaron. Are you ready to get beat up, you fat fuck?" David was filled with fury. He could blonde transexual models stand being insulted in every way, but what he couldn't stand, was having his weight made fun of. He let out a loud scream and ran toward Michael. He must have caught Michael off-guard, because, as he speared him to the grass, he didn't feel the sharp stab of the knife, that he half-expected. He spotted it lying several feet away, apparently knocked out of Mike's hand. Using his weight to his advantage, he pinned Michael to the ground and just started throwing fists. Michael covered up his face, but the fury and weight of each punch knocked his hands aside baby model competition several times and David could feel the satisfying slap of his fist against soft flesh, as he pounded on Michael's head. He was so focused on that, in fact, that Michael was able to swing his leg over their bodies, using the momentum 1965 models to throw David off of him. He couldn't get David completely off, though, as David had grabbed on to both of Michael's shoulders as he rolled over. So, now, Michael was on top of David, but David had his whole upper body to pummel. His anger nude college model giving way to strategy, David pulled Michael against him briefly, before shooting both his feet up and driving the heavy boots square into Michael's stomach. David could see Michael's face register the impact, as his head snapped back and he let out a yelp nude butts models that made David almost feel model bikini fall sorry for him. Almost. ask discuss model Tossing the now-nearly limp Michael off of him, David got to his feet and, rearing back his foot, stomped down toward Michael's stomach, using his weight, preeteen pantie models plus the weight of the boot. Michael, japanese models masturbating however, have enough presence, to roll out of the way. He got to his knees and gave a hard chop to the back of David's leg. David lost his balance and fell toward the ground. Somehow, Michael was immediately on top of him. He spat a blood-tinged wad of saliva down on teen models freeones David's cheek, before bringing his fist down to meet it. David was still stunned completely nude models from the fall, and was easy prey as Michael's knuckles beat down on his eye and nose. However, with Michael sitting splayed out on David's body, David had an amazing opportunity that he decided that he'd rather not miss. Snapping his knee japan model nud up between Michael's legs, David was able to quickly regain the advantage, as Michael rolled off him and into a tight ball of pain. The crowd was cheering pretty loud now, and David fed off that, as he wiped the blood from his face and, rearing back, nude 17yo model delivered a swift kick to Michael's stomach, soccer-style. The boot made hardy impact and pushed Michael over on to his other side, creating a new bout glenda pr model of groans. With the advantage clearly his, David walked over and picked up the knife from the grass. He limped over and knelt down beside Michael's body. "Do you give?" He asked. "Fuck you." Michael wheezed. David nodded and reached over and held the knife next to Michael's neck. "Last chance...Do you surrender?" David asked adamantly. Michael's hand swung away from clutching his stomach and smacked David right in the forehead. David fell sex modele naked backwards, dropping the knife, children models porno and saw stars. The next thing he knew, Mike knelt over him and held the knife threateningly above him. "Do you give?" He asked, coughing and blood streaming from his mouth. David shook his treteens models head, "No way. I'd die for Aaron." Mike smiled and got a very mean look in his eye. He whispered, "We'll see about that." then brought the knife down at David's face. David managed to bring his brazil bikini modell hands up in time to catch the point of the knife as it slashed across the back of his palm. Wrestling with the pain of his left hand, David was filled very young model with a new wave of preeteen model pics fury, and his right hand lashed out and grabbed Michael's arm. The knife still young european models clutched in Michael's hand, David rolled over and bent Michael's arm behind his back. Pulling it tightly upwards, David growled, "Either you give now, or I break your arm! I'm not fucking joking!" "Okay!" Michael cried, "Okay! I give! I give!" There was a loud chorus of boo's as David got to his feet and, clutching his left hand, he smiled and said, "Game over." Michael managed to crawl over and grab his young thong models jacket, but David wasn't worried about that anymore. He pushed his way through the crowd rusian child models and walked up to where Aaron was sitting. "So, I won." David said, smiling, "I won, so now Michael won't bother you anymore." Aaron took a deep breath, then got up h2ocean model aine and walked past David. nude models butt He walked into the crowd and knelt down behind the cringing and bleeding Michael. David followed him over and repeated, "I won." Aaron looked up at David and said, "Congratu-fucking-lations, David. You won. You beat Mike. Good for you." David's smile gone, he got a look of confusion on his face and said, "But, that means that I get you." Aaron got to his feet and looked David right in the eyes. David did not like the stare that Aaron was giving him. "David, I don't know how to tell model naked video you this, but..." "But what?" David asked, even though he already knew the answer. Aaron shrugged, "We're finished, Dave. It's over." David was in a state of shock. He took nytimes playtoy model a step back and exclaimed, "But...but...but...I won! *I* won! I *won*! Why...Why are we...Why are? I mean...What happened?" Aaron cocked his head and frowned at David, "David, the truth is...I never really loved you." David nearly collapsed. His head was dizzy and he felt nauseous and not just from being somewhat beat up. "Wha...What? Wha...Why? Why, Aaron?" Aaron shrugged, "I had no friends in Bialik. Nobody liked me, except you. So...I guess...Well...I guess I used you, David. Now, I'm in MIND and I have a lot of friends, so I don't need you anymore." Now the tears were beginning to flow, but David didn't care if 85% of young jean models the school saw him crying. "But, we did all that stuff. We kissed...We did the sucking...whatever...and...and...You came over....We spent two weeks together." "Oh God, don't remind me!" Aaron laughed, "That was horrible! Even if it did give me a lot of good practice. You were good practice, David. You let me learn how to suck dick and kiss and stuff and you made me feel good, but anybody could have sucked my dick and it would have felt good." top model preeteen David took a deep breath, trying to calm down, but he still sobbed as he asked, "Well, are we still friends?" Aaron shook his head, not looking the least bit sad, "David, you're obsessed with my hair and how I look. You told me that you want to be me!" "Alex is obsessed with your hair!" David sobbed. "Yeah, but Alex can actually grow his hair long. You've been trying and you don't realize how stupid you look." Aaron foto modelo xxx giggled. "But...w...w...w...w...why don't you me, Aaron?" tiny models nn David screamed and hiccuped, totally wracked with sobs. Aaron cocked his head again and said, "David, you're constantly miserable, all you talk about it how horrible your life is, you're depressing, you're boring, you're a wanna-be. I just don't like you, David, okay?" "No, it's *not* okay!" David shrieked, "I need you, cambodian child models Aaron!" "That's another thing." Aaron replied, "You are, like, totally dependant on me. I mean, get a life." "Fuck you, Aaron, dammit lia nude model fucking fuck you!" David sobbed, "Why are you doing this to me? I won! I won, didn't I?" "Yeah, you fucking won, okay?" Aaron responded, shaking his head at David like he was some pathetic child, alex manning model "What the hell do junge madchen models you want *me* to do about it?" David snapped his fist forward with all his strength and smacked Aaron in the face. Aaron fell back into the crowd of students who were totally involved in the new turn of events. Mike had long since retreated away from teen model latina nude cp model the scene. David looked down at Aaron, as he picked himself off the ground and people. "You bastard! I think you boke my dose!" Aaron exclaimed, his hand over his face. David turned around and walked, still sobbing, away from the starmodels crowd. "I hope so." He whispered. When he reached the sidewalk again, he was too embarrassed to go back to the metro with the other kids, so he just began walking down Sherbrooke, toward his house. He may have needed stitches, and his nose may have been bleeding, but that was barlows stress model really the last thing on his mind right then.
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